My relationship with Shane Hines began when I was pulled out from underneath the bed and placed at his feet. I hadn't been played for months and was excited to be in the hands of an active singer-songwriter. Our friendship together started off slow but I took a liking to how he approached each song with a passionate urgency that begged listeners to turn in their seats and listen.

The more time we spent together, I began to realize that his talent for hauntingly sweet melodies was well complimented by insightfully brave and honest lyrics. As his trusty acoustic guitar, I did the best I could to provide lush chord voicings and softly spoken fingerpicking passages. When we hit the road, I was right there in the back seat along side jugs of water, a few books, and some CD's by artists such as B.B. King and the Beatles.

With each strum, a small hole began to wear away in the top of my body and as our tour schedule expanded, Shane Hines was literally breaking through in all parts of the country. Local and regional success took us from Boston to Tennessee, where my case was run over at an outdoor house concert, while national touring grabbed the attention of USA Today. An international tour found us playing at Abbey Road Studios and eventually caught the ear of artist representatives from Orange Amplifiers and Gibson Guitars. This led to the day our family finally expanded and I met my brother, J-45.

The new acoustic in the family started coming along for the ride and I found I was being replaced at some of the best writing houses in Nashville writing songs with Sherrie Austin, Will Rambeaux, Lori McKenna, Bonnie Baker and other amazing writers. In fact, the new guitar was exclusively played on the most recent album "All the Quiet, All the Chaos". On the road, I've found myself staying off to the side of the stage. However, I don't mind. After being a part of the show for so many years, I can now sit back and enjoy what everyone has been listening to all this time; a singer songwriter that writes from the heart and sings from the soul.

The Buzz

"From the acoustic song What a Beautiful Day and the country-tinged "We Can Never Be" it's clear Hines is an optimist and in it for the long haul."  -- The Washington Post

"Naming their EP The Glory Journal may seem brash, but Hines & Co. spill over with energy and exuberance that affirm accuracy in advertising. "  -- Performing Songwriter

"(Shane Hines and the Trance) specializes in tuneful rock." The Washington Post

“While possibly a new experience to the crowd, their enthusiasm during the song, "Way Up" closely paralleled the excitement and involvement during any of Corey Smith's songs. Typically an unusual pairing, Corey Smith and Shane Hines easily merged the mixed crowd of all ages and different lifestyles together.”  -- East Tennessean on show with Corey Smith

“Way Up” and “The Broken Breaking Down” showcase the off beat melodies and Hine’s rangy vocals. “We Can Never Be,” with its building melody that might be the best track the band has written to date. Never afraid to step outside the lines, The Glory Journal is no exception for Shane Hines and the Trance who now have another impressive release.” - Alternative Addiction

"Shane Hines and the Trance are record industry revolutionaries."  -- DC Magazine

"Hines has a wide range and impressive songwriting abilities. The Glory Journal reveals an up and coming singer/songwriter with plenty of promise."  -- The Baltimore Sun

"Deeply personal, introspective and blatantly honest....substantive, touching, well-crafted set of tracks. A must listen."  -- On Tap Magazine

...a panel of judges that included Fergie, Grateful Dead founding member Bob Weir and music connoisseur Matt Pinfield named "Way Up" a finalist for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Tuneraker.com compares Shane Hines to Roger Daultry. “The Glory Journal” is full of timeless rock music that sidesteps all fashions Shane Hines sounds like he’s equally at home in an intimate club setting or on a stadium stage…Hines could become a surprise ticket on the live circuit. One for audiences starved of good rock music.”